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Functional Annotation of ANimal Genomes (FAANG) Project
— A coordinated international action to accelerate Genome to Phenome

Steering Committee

The purpose of the Steering Committee (SC) is to develop and implement policy to advance the FAANG project. The SC gathers information from FAANG committees and members, as well as directing Committees to evaluate proposals for new directions and project structures. Representation on the SC is intended to maximize communication amongst the committees and representation from the genome communities. Therefore, the SC consists of the Chairs of the other committees as well as scientists working on genomes of all species currently part of the FAANG consortium. In some cases, species are represented by Committee Chairs.

Previous committee conference call minutes can be found here.

Parties interested in joining FAANG can sign up here. It is noted that to join FAANG requires agreement to the Toronto and Ft. Lauderdale guidelines for Data sharing. The FAANG Data Sharing statement can be found here.

Parties interested in joining the SC should email the Chair of the Committee contact information is available here.



  • You have to sign up to become a FAANG member, accepting the principles and guidelines as set forth in the "FAANG Data Sharing Statement", in order to participate.
  • After login as a member, you will have options to join a working group.


( Chairs of the group )
  • Alan Archibald
  • David Burt
  • Hans Cheng
  • Brian Dalrymple
  • Elisabetta Giuffra 
  • Martien Groenen
  • Peter Harrison
  • Ben Hayes
  • LuSheng Huang
  • James Kijas
  • Heebal Kim
  • James MacLeod
  • Graham Plastow
  • James Reecy
  • Carl Schmidt
  • Jeffrey Silverstein
  • Gwenola Tosser-Klopp
  • Christopher Tuggle 
  • Mick Watson
  • Stephen White
  • Huaijun Zhou
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