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Functional Annotation of ANimal Genomes (FAANG) Project
— A coordinated international action to accelerate Genome to Phenome

Funding opportunities within the scope of FAANG

Current entries

.  Genome Canada :: 2018 Large-Scale Applied Research Project Competition: :: April 11, 2019

.  USDA-NIFA-AFRI :: A1541 (Food and Agriculture Cyberinformatics Tools (FACT)

.  USDA NIFA :: Comparative Genomics Research Program // February 05, 2019 // June 05, 2019

.  EU/Horizon2020 research framework programme :: Understanding the genome of farmed animals, its expression and translation into traits (RIA)

.  USDA-NIFA-AFRI :: Foundational and Applied Science Program

.  US National Institutes of Health :: Comparative Genomics Research Program (R01-Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

.  USDA/NIFA :: Animal Breeding, Genetics, and Genomics

.  USDA/NIFA :: Agriculture and Food Research Initiative Competitive Grants Program

.  USDA/NIFA :: Agriculture and Food Research Initiative - Food Security Challenge Area - RFA

.  National Science Foundation :: NSF 16-505
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